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FM performs at NEARfest 2006

On June 24, 2006, FM played to a sold-out house at NEARFest 2006. This spectacular show will finally appear on DVD - scheduled for release in the summer of 2013.

Featuring Cameron Hawkins, Martin Deller and Claudio Vena (on viola, mandolin and vocals), the disc includes these songs:

Planet Vega (an new instrumental written by Claudio)
Phasors on Stun (Black Noise)
One O'Clock Tomorrow (Black Noise)
Journey (Black Noise)
Slaughter in Robot Village (Black Noise)
Aldebaran (Black Noise)
Shapes of Things (Surveillance)
7th Heaven (Surveillance)
Sofa Back (Surveillance)
Trial by Fire (a new song written by Cameron)
Black Noise (Black Noise)
Surface to Air (City of Fear)

November 24, 2014. Now Available - 2 Disc CD & DVD Deluxe Digipack of FM’s performance at NEARfest 2006.
FM will appear in concert at the North East Art Rock Festival, NEARfest in the early summer of 2006, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
FM's newest member is Claudio Vena. Born in Italy and now living in Canada, Claudio is an internationally reknown conductor, composer and recording artist. Claudio's exceptional performance skills on viola and mandolin adds a new dimension to the FM sound.
When FM decided to accept Rob LaDuca’s invitation to play NEARfest 2006, I was very sure of one thing – that when it came to the keyboards, the only thing vintage onstage would be me!
Cameron Hawkins, Martin Deller and Claudio Vena cordially invite you to a special performance in advance of their appearance at NEARfest 2006. Friday, June 16th, 2006 at 10:30 PM - The Hacienda, 794 Bathurst St.
After months of rehearsal, the Canadian progressive rock trio is ready for the 21st Century.
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